2013 Jeanne Donnelly Memorial Workshop

The first annual Jeanne Donnelly Memorial Workshop was held on February 16, 2013 at the Unitarian/Universalist Church in Gainesville, FL.

Here are pictures from the event: Gallery

There were 5 workshops participants could attend:

Wonderful results for a quilt top from taking just 4 squares of contrasting fabrics!  Kimberley Hudacko

Description: We will sew 4 squares of fabrics together, cut them in varying width strips and sew them together and repeat the process several times to yield a new piece of fabric! The new “fabric” can then be bordered if desired to create a dramatic table topper or a wall hanging. Only basic sewing skills are required for great results! Come join the group for some fabric fun. Ricky Tims, a nationally known quilter, calls this quilt top Convergence!

Transparency Weave
Myra Hudson

Description: The Transparency weave segment, with Myra, will be woven on table looms, loaded with linen and a design cartoon, will be provided. This is plain weave 50/50. this means that the warp and the weft will be equal, 12 ends per inch in the warp and 12 ends per inch in the weft, and the colored material for the design will be laid in on the weft shots. This is a fun project , and when finished looks really neat hanging in a window with the light shining through the piece, Each participant will provide several BRIGHTLY colored wool pieces of yarn. Think Parrots.

Triaxial Weaving
Peggy DiNegro

Triaxial Weaving, sometimes referred to as Madd Weave, consists of a vertical warp crossed by two wefts, one angled to the right, the angled to the left. The final result can look like three dimensional boxes. Numerous patterns are possible depending on the color selection for each weft. In this class you will make a small weaving suitable for use on a card or in a small frame. There will be a small lab fee still to be determined for materials and tools.

Knitted Bracelet
Carol Turner

Description: I will be teaching a knitted bracelet as shown in the Leisure Arts booklet Beaded Bracelets to Knit. This is a fun bracelet that, at first glance, doesn’t look as if it has been knitted. it requires

Yarn/Thread – I’ve used metallic thread (e.g. Gold Rush XS, Nordic Gold, etc.) sold on cards as specialty thread for needlework

Size 2 knitting needles

Glass beads – approx. 30 size 4-10 mm (it’s fun to put in a few charms in place of beads)

2 spacer beads

Toggle clasp set

Blunt tapestry needle

Sewing needle, thread, and scissors (these are needed to make the bracelet, but we can share)

Potato Basket
Taught by Carol Higman and Linda Hartstall

Description: The potato basket is an Appalachian-style basket, as are melon and key baskets. The potato basket can be made in various sizes and is very functional. Originally, the basket was made to carry potatoes in from the field; hence, the large opening in which to toss potatoes as they are picked, and the two handles, one on each side of the basket, to facilitate easy transfer between two people.

Workshop participants will have a limited choice of sizes. We will have some wooden hoops and some vine rims available for use, or participants may make their own rim from rattan reed during the beginning of the workshop. We will supply rattan reed in appropriate sizes for rims, ribs, and weavers, and various ropes, yarns, and possibly other add-ins for accent use. Workshop participants may bring their own handspun yarn for insertion into the basket in small amounts. We expect that everyone’s basket will be different, and wonderful! Depending on size of basket and previous experience, you may be able to complete your project during the workshop. If not, we will send you home with reed and instructions on how to complete your project. Please bring your finished baskets to the February meeting for Show and Tell!

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