Field Trip: Pioneer Fiber Mill

On June 26th, eight members of the Guild went to New Smyrna Beach, Florida on a field trip to Pioneer Fiber Mill. The owner, Steve, gave us a tour and showed us how he and his crew process alpaca, wool, and more.

Member Myra took photos:

So much fiber to be processed!
Steve shows Jen and Barbara some fiber sorted by grade.
The washing station.
Fiber laid out to air dry.
The fiber has the VM removed, and then gets carded.
The carder produces uniform roving.
The roving goes into the spinning machines…
Steve demonstrating how the machines spin the roving into singles.
Yarns and fiber for sale, all produced in-house.
Steve and the guild crew. Picture by Valeria.

We had a wonderful time. Thanks to Steve for hosting, and Jen for setting this up.

— Grayson

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Project helping Mexican students in the primary grades through the university. 

We are asking weavers to send us sturdy unused fabric or remnants of at least 18 inches by 40 inches—any color or pattern would be fine. The fabric will be sewn into drawstring backpacks (16 inches x 19 inches) and distributed to poor students in Mexico who are being sponsored by Project Amigo []. This is a charity that supports students from Colima in rural western Mexico so that they can create their own educational opportunities and better their quality of life.

Please go to for more details about the project. Thank you.


Samuel R. Brown
Project Amigo volunteer
219 Argyle Road
Cheshire, CT. USA
Cell phone: (203) 597-7181

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2018-2019 Schedule Posted

The schedule for Fall 2018 to Spring 2019 has been posted! We have several interesting programs planned: basket weaving, tapestry, silk worms and many more.  Please visit the Programs page to see the full list, as well as our meeting dates and locations.  We hope to see you soon!

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2013 Florida Tropical Handweaver Guild Conference

Class descriptions and registration information is available now for the 2013 Florida Tropical Handweaver Guild conference on March 14-17, 2013.  Member registration starts on Nov. 1 and non-member on Dec. 1.

Look at for more details.

Register now to reserve space in the class you want!

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The guild is selling some fibergeek goodness

[These items are sold]

We’re looking for happy homes for two pieces of beautiful fiber equipment. Sadly, we can’t keep them in the guild’s rental stores, but happily we’re raising money for next year’s programs while gaining space in our storage shed.

These two items are for sale, and for pick up in Gainesville, Florida. Please contact either Sidsel at or Ria at

1. Leclerc Nilus –  4 shafts – Jack type loom – weaving width 45″ Parts that have been replaced: Apron, treadle hooks, cord loops. Various parts have been repaired as needed to keep it in good working condition. Good loom for beginners.
Cost $400
Helpful website and files:

Leclerc Nilus loom for sale

2. Ashford spinning wheel and spinning chair Cost $250

Ashford Spinning Wheel

If you are looking for something specific or have something weaving or fiber related to sell or donate, please fill out the form below. We will keep posts for no more than 3 months unless requested otherwise. Keep in mind we’re located in Gainesville, FL!

This is as good time as any to remind you all the guild offers rental on fiber equipment to members. Check out the rental list here: Member Resources

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February Meeting: An Inkling on Weaving Historical Pattern

Program: An Inkling on Weaving Historical Patterns by the Inkle Loom Weavers of the Lake City Historical Society

Wednesday, February 29 7:30
Unitarian Universalist Church
4225 NW 34th Street
Gainesville, FL

” . . . rather expect this to be more of a brief background and basic info introduction followed by more of an exchange and interaction as the time progresses. . . . We are friends as a result of our involvement at the Lake City-Columbia County Historical Museum where we are all docents as well as on the Board of Directors. As part of our activities at the Museum, we formed a living history group that focuses on the 1800’s. Attending reenactments and living history events and needing an activity that women of the era would have done……..we researched handicrafts. Spinning, drop spindle, knitting, tatting, embroidery – many choices of period activities. Finger weaving was appropriate for our Native American events, but we needed something that would be easier for folks to do……..bag and inkle loom were the answer!”

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January Meeting: Exploring Contemporary Colors

_A Strawberry in the Snow_ Ellen Knudson (illustrator) Leah Eisenbeis(author) (c) 2007 image courtesy of Ellen Knudson

Program: Exploring Contemporary Colors by Ellen Knudson

Wednesday, January 25
Unitarian Universalist Church
4225 NW 34th Street
Ellen Knudson is a book artist / designer producing handmade books under the imprint Crooked Letter Press. She is also currently Associate in Book Arts at The University of Florida. Her work is in the collections of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (CA), Yale University (CT), Duke University (NC), and many other national and international collections.
Her work can be seen at:
She will give a short lecture and slideshow about the basics of color and show some examples of good use of color in graphic paintings and artwork. She will give some of her own opinions about how to select color — and what she considers to be the secrets of good color.

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