Programs, Presentations, and Meetings:
During part of the year, we hold special meetings focusing on a particular aspect of weaving and/or fiber arts. These meetings are led by invited expert guests or knowledgeable fiber artists from within our own ranks. These programs run September through April with a few exceptions noted in the calendar listing. We also have guild gatherings during the busy holiday months and the summer where we kick back to enjoy good food and company. If you share (or think you might share) an interest in weaving and fiber arts, please feel free to drop in and introduce yourself. We’d love to meet you.

2019 Fall–2020 Spring

    Every Thursday and/or Friday 2:00- ~3:30 pm. 

    We meet chat show & tell and encourage each other .
    Open to everybody, Contact  Linda Nickel to get the ZOOM link


    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

  • The March meeting has been cancelled  so as not to increase contagion of the virus 

March 25th, Wednesday 7:00PM

TERRIFIC TARTANS with Robert Matthews

  • February 29th, Saturday
    9AM (workshop starts right after the regular meeting)
    Workshop- ICE DYEING & DIY LARGE FELTED BAG with Lorinda Browning
    ($25 for members and $35 for non-members.   Registration required)


Supplies: None required.
Optional Supplies:
If you want to get a start on the felted bag.
L Bag  Class  List
1.  2  small  balls  of  scrap  yarn  of  different  colors
2.  Ball  of  yarn  to  knit  a  small  sample  and  practice  the  Kitchener  stitch
3.  Circular  needles
4.  Yarn  needle
5.  Sharp  scissors
6.  Bring  a  ball  of  the  yarn  you  may  be  considering  using  to  knit  the L-Bag, along with  its  label  to  see  if  it  is  a  felting  yarn.


  • January 25th, Saturday
    Workshop- ALL ABOUT YARN Pam Paul

    ($10 for members – $20 for non members. Registration required

Did you ever wonder what those numbers inside a cone of yarn mean? 10/2,2/18,8/4, use it over unmercerized?  What’s the difference between rayon, bamboo,  tencel, and modal buy?  What if you got a great deal on yarn but you have no idea what it is?  Take the anxiety out of buying yarn and planning a project.

  • December 4th, Wednesday
    Potluck/ guild sale at Valeria’s home
  • November 16th, Saturday
      Japanese Bookbinding – with Peggy DiNegro

    Japanese books differ from ours in that the binding holding the pages together is on the outside and becomes an artistic element in itself.
    You begin by designing your stitching pattern.  Fun!  Easy!  I’ll guide you through it.  You will then select a cover to go with your pages, punch appropriate sewing holes and stitch your booklet together using 6 strand floss.  There will be some choice of colors for cover and threads.
    Workshop fee $10.00.
    RSVP would be lovely but you can come regardless.


  • October 30th, Wednesday
    Meeting-PLARN with Veydra van de Leur
  • Veydra will give a presentation about PLARN and each person will be given the patterns for the bag and apron shown.

  • September 25th, Wednesday
    Meeting- CLASP WEAVING with Malgorzata Deyrup


(for additional questions about programing, you can contact

Wednesday meetings are in the evening and include regular guild business and a presentation by a speaker while Saturday meetings are in the morning and include  the regular  guild business additional hands-on workshops.

Past Schedules

2018 Fall–2019 Spring

September 26,  Convergence and Other Textile Travels
October 31, Weaving Baskets Using Florida Materials – Nancy Gildersleeve
November 17,  Beginning Tapestry Weaving – Jan Hansen
December 6, Holiday Party
January 30,  Dye a Silk Scarf: Fun, Fast, Fabulous – Peggy DiNegro
February 23,  3-D Printing of Textile Tools – Sara Gonzales
March 30Beautiful Hems for Handwovens – Margarete Griffith
April 24, Silk Worms – Neil Harris
May 29,Potluck


2017 Fall – 2018 Spring:

September 26 – Hand spindles workshop – Ginger Clark
November 1 – Tatting is Alive and Well – Laurie Edvardson
November 18, – FTWG Conference Goody bag preparation
December 6 – Holiday Party
January 27 – Bow weaving – Michell Belson
February 27 – Peruvian Textiles – Maya Stanfield Mazi
March 28 – FTWG conference reports/Tapestry group presents
April 28 – Inkle weaving – Jennifer Williams
May 30 – Potluck

2017 Spring:

January 25 – SOUTH AMERICAN TEXTILES, Laurie Welkins
February 22 – IS THAT JUST PLAIN WEAVE?, Judy Jull
April 26 – NEEDLE TATTING, Laurie Edvardsson

2015 – 2016:
September 30 – TOSCA STUDIO REVEALED – Anny Crane
October 28 – WEAVING WITH WIRE – Holly Merton
December 9 – HOLIDAY PARTY – Peggy’s Home
January 27 – MEXICAN WEAVING – Valeria Kleiman
February 24 – ART (LIFE) AFTER GRAD SCHOOL – Erin Curry
March 30 – HEMP: HISTORY & FUTURE – Joan Ruane
May 29 – POTLUCK – Barbara Zory’s Home

2014 – 2015:
September 24 –  MINIATURE QUILTS  – Peg Forgnone
October 29 – WEAVING IN THE 70’S – Jan Haase
December 10 – HOLIDAY PARTY – Peggy DiNegro’s Home
January 28  – CONTRAST: THE KEY TO COLOR SUCCESS – Charlene Schurch
February 25 – VARIATIONS IN JAPANESE KIMONO – Martin McKellar
March 25 – CONNECTIONS – Cindy Steiler
April 29 – NANTUCKET BASKETS – Myra Hudson
May 27 – Pot Luck – Barbara Zory’s Home

Programs from 2013 – 2014

Programs from 2012 – 2013

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