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A Bevy of Baskets – Wells & Jordan
A Modern Approach to Basketry with Fibers & Grasses – Dona Meilach
Basketry of the Appalachian Mountains – Sue Stephenson
Baskets & Basket Makers in Southern Appalachia – John Rice Irwin
Contemporary Baskets – Crowe & Fitzpatrick
Friendship Baskets – “Tribute”
Let’s Make a Square Dance Basket
Natural Baskets – Ed. by MaryAnn Gilluoly
Small Chippewa Tote – Joan Moore
Splitwoven Basketry – Dougherty & Ball
Wicker Basketry – Flo Hoppe

Ancient Dyes for Modern Weavers – Weigle
Dyes from Your Garden – Bernice Conner
Hands on Dyeing – Blumenthal & Kreider
North American Dye Plants – Anne Bliss
Tie-Dyeing & Batik – ed. by F. Anderson
The Use of Vegetable Dyes – Violetta Thurstan
The Weaving, Spinning & Dyeing Book – Brown

Handmade Lace & Patterns – Annette Feldman
First Book of Modern Lace Knitting – Kinzel
A Manual of Hand Made Bobbin Lace Work – Maidmont
Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting – Kinzel

Designing & Making Handwoven Rugs – Gallinger & Del Deo
Navajo Rugs – Wilma Elmer
Rag Rugs – Vail
Rug Weavers Source Book – Ligon
Rug Weaving Technique for Two Harnesses – Mattera
Rug Weaving Techniques – Beyond the Basics Peter Collingwood
Step by Step Rugmaking – Znamierowski
Techniques of Rug Weaving – Collingwood

The Care & Feeding of Spinning Wheels – Pauli
Complete Guide to Handspinning – K. Grasett
Linen – Handspinning & Weaving – Baines
Spinning Designer Yarns – Diane Varney
Spinning Wheel Primer – Alden Amos
Spinning with a Drop Spindle – C. Thresh
The Weaving, Spinning & Dyeing – Brown

American Woven Coverlets – Strickler
The Art & Craft of Hand Weaving – Betsy Blumenthaul
The Art of Fabric Design, Mainstream – Constantine/Larsen
The Art of Weaving- Regensteiner
Arts & Crafts – Weaving – Susie O’Reilley
Backstrap Weaving – Taber & Anderson
Card Weaving – Complete Instructions Plus 53
Patterns for Card or Tablet Weaving
Clothing – A Handwoven Approach – Hamaker
Clothing from the Hands that Weave – Mayer
Creative Design in Wall Hangings – Blumenau
Creative Overshot – Windeknecht
Designing & Drafting for the Handweaver – Berta Frey
Designing with the Wool – Bennett
Designing with Weaving – Kurtz
Fashions from the Loom – Beard
Fiber Structures – Irene Emery
The Fine Art of Navajo Weaving – Manley
Finishing Touches for the Handweaver – West
The Guide to Successful Tapestry Weaving – Nancy Harvey
A Handbook of Weaves – G. H. Oelsnar
Hand-Loom Weaving – Reproduction of a 1902 Publication – Mattie W. Todd
Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving – Davenport
Hands on Weaving – Barbara Liebler
A Handweaver’s Pattern Book – Marguerite Davison
Ikat – Lydia Van Gelden
Inkle Weaving – Julie E. Benson
Introduction to Multishaft Weaving 8-12-20 Kathryn Wetenberger
The Joy of Handweaving – Todd
Learning to Weave – Deborah Chandler
Linen – Handspinning & Weaving – Baines
Magic of Linen – From Seed to Woven Cloth – Linda Heinrich
The Maker’s Hand – A Close Look at Textile Structures – Peter Collingwood
More Than Four – Mary Elizabeth Laughlin
Navajo & Hopi Weaving Techniques – Pendleton
Navajo Techniques for Today’s Weavers – Mattera
New Key to Weaving – Mary E. Black
A Pocket Dictionary of Weaving Terms for Today’s Weavers – Krevitsky & Erickson
Patterns – Hayes
Pique, Plain & Fancy – Sullivan
Practical Four-Shaft Weaving – Vera Miles
Practical Modern Weaving – Rosemary Murray
The Primary Structures of Fabrics – I. Emery
Samplers You Can Use – Penelope B. Drooker
The Scottish Clans: Their Tartans – Johnston/Bacon
Shadow Weave & Corkscrew Weave – Barrett
Shaped Weaving – Making Garments with Needle & Finger Weaving Techniques
Soumak Workbook – Jean Wilson
Step by Step Weaving – Znamierowski
The Structure of Weaving – Ann Sutton
Summer & Winter & Beyond – Barrett
Summer & Winter & other Two Tie Weaves – Tidball
Tapestries (History) – W. S. Sevensma
Tapestry Handbook: The Next Generation – Russell
Tapestry Weaving – Kirsten Glasbrook
Thrums – Faith Shaw Nunneley
The Warp – A Weaving Reference – Clair Tate
The Weaver’s Book – Tidball
The Weaver’s Pathway – Bennett
Weaving (A Creative Approach for Beginners) – Creager
Weaving – A Handbook for the Fiber Arts – Shirley E. Held
Weaving as an Art Form: A Personal Statement – Theo Moorman
Weaving Bands – Trotzig
The Weaving Book – Patterns & Ideas – Bress
Weaving Design & Expression – Nancy Belfer
Weaving for Amateurs – Coates
Weaving is Fun – A. V. White
Weaving Tricks – Susan Gilmurray
Weaving without a Loom – Sairta Rainey
Weaving You Can Wear – Wilson with Burhen
Working with the Wool – Bennett & Bighorse
Woven Fashion – Vivienne Bateson

Adventures in Stitches – Mariska Karasz
American Indian Needlepoint Designs for Pillows, Belts, Handbags & Other Projects
Beyond Craft: The Art Fabric – Mildred Constantine/Jack Lenor Larsen (2)
Braiding & Knotting: Techniques & Projects – C. Belash
Celebrating the Stitch – Contemporary
Embroidery of North America – B. Smith
The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitching – Ryan
Designing with String – Mary Seyd
Encyclopedia of Needlework – T. deDillmont
The Fabric & Fiber Source Book – 1989
Reference Book
Fabric Collage – Smith
Fiber Arts Design Book Five
Handbook of Timesaving Tables for Weavers, Spinners & Dyers – Roth & Schulz
Net Making – Charles Holdgate

Double Weave
Friendship Coverlet Group J (GHG-1986)
Information on Fleece & Sheep
Natural Dyeing Navajo Rugs
Overshot & Summer & Winter
Pile Weavers
Ring Weavers
Theo Moorman Weave Two Seasons –
Summer Winter

Beadwoven Necklaces – Virginia Blakelock
Bodywork for Weavers & Fiber Artists – Tracy Penfield
Color Interaction for Handweavers (DVD) – Donna Sullivan

Fiber Arts 1984-1985
Handmade 1985-1986
Handwoven Design Collection
Handwoven 1982-2010
Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot 1980 to current issue
Spin-Off 1985-1995
Threads Oct. 1987-May 1992
VAV 1983-1984
Weavers Spring & Fall 1996

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