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Officers 2022-2023

President              Jill Banning

Vice Presidents (program):   Carol Turner  &  Barbara Zory
Secretary:              Ann Pierson
Treasurer:             Gillian Hillis 
Publicity:              Linda Nickel
Handbook:            Peggy DiNegro  Valeria Kleiman
Properties:            Gillian Hillis
Librarian:              Sara McCarthy
Webmistress:       Valeria Kleiman

Officers 2019-2020

President                Linda Nickel
Vice Presidents (program):   Veydra van de Leur  &  Archana Narasanna
Secretary:              Ann Pierson
Treasurer:             Gillian Hillis 
Publicity:               Jill Banning
Handbook:            Peggy DiNegro
Properties:            Gillian Hillis
Librarian:              Sara McCarthy
Hospitality:           Myra Hudson
Webmistress:       Valeria Kleiman

Officers 2018-2019

President               Valeria Kleiman
Vice Presidents:   Carol Turner  &  Barbara Zory
Secretary:              Ann Pierson
Treasurer:             Gillian Hillis 
Publicity:               Linda Nickel
Handbook:            Peggy DiNegro
Properties:            Gillian Hillis
Librarian:              Sara McCarthy
Hospitality:           Jan Haase
Webmistress:       Janean Easley  /  Mystic Handworks

18 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Rebecca says:

    I have some items that belonged to my mom and would like to some information on where to price and sell them. 2 looms, 2 spinning wheel, 2 old spinning wheels (decoration?) some other misc items. Any guidance is appreciated.

  2. The call to artists for Contemporary Fiber in Florida 2020, a juried exhibition at Florida CraftArt in St. Petersburg, is now open. We would like to have artists from around the state featured in the exhibition and would appreciate your assistance in spreading the word among your guild members and local fiber art community. Entry details and the submission form are available at: . If there are any questions about the call, please feel free to contact me,
    Thank you.

  3. Paulne Bellecci says:


    The Jacksonville Weavers Guild will host Dottie Weir for a workshop on Loom Controlled Shibori Feb 6-9, 2020. We have two last minute openings! Could you perhaps get this information out to your membership? The fee is a reasonable $175 for non-members (plus $10 materials fee).
    Fee includes:
    Dinner/ lecture Thursday Feb 6 (6 pm)
    Workshop Days Fri-Sat Feb 7-8 ( 9-4); Lunches and snacks
    Sun Feb 9 (9-2)

    For more information see the Facebook events page
    Contact Workshop Coordinator : Ann Wingate

    Many thanks!

    Pauline Bellecci
    Jacksonville Weavers Guild

    • June Johnson says:

      I have posted this on my Facebook page. I am the director of the rainbow springs artist coop in Dunnellon. We are currently looking for a weaver to display and sell their work. If anyone is interested please let me know. Thanks

  4. flamefingers says:

    Would anyone be interested in several years of Spin Off magazines? Free!
    We are downsizing and moving to High Springs.
    Thank you,
    Vanessa Grimmett

    • James Castner says:

      Thanks, but I’m in the same boat and trying to decrease such things. I appreciate the offer.

      The Friends of the Library used to have a booksale 2-3 times a year. You might check to see if they would take such periodicals.

      Jim Castner

      On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 6:59 PM The Gainesville Handweavers’ Guild wrote:

      > flamefingers commented: “Would anyone be interested in several years of > Spin Off magazines? Free! We are downsizing and moving to High Springs. > Thank you, Vanessa Grimmett” >

  5. Sherry Geisler says:

    Are you currently meeting?
    I am a spinner (and teacher) and a knitter.
    I live in Anthony, just south of Gainesville.

    May I join your group?

    • valeriakleiman says:

      Hi Sherry: yes, we are meeting. I will send your email info to our secretary so she can add you to the email list. Also, I will share your email with our Treasurer., She can contact you with the info to become a member (just a $20 & a nice picture of you:-)


  6. Lisa says:

    Hi there, do you know of anyone who can repair a crocheted, cotton sweater. It’s vintage and very beautiful. I purchased it at Lord & Taylor 40 years ago and the ends are frayed.

  7. Mia says:

    Hi, I am interested in weaving. I have never done it before. I just st purchased a simple loom and downloaded some patterns from Etsy. Will your group b meeting in person anytime soon?
    Mia C Day

    • valeriakleiman says:

      Hi Mia: Welcome to the weaving world, once here you’ll never leave 🙂
      We are working on our Fall program , and YES, we started doing in-person meetings. if you want I can have you added to our mailing list, or you also become a member if you so wish.


  8. Joann Wilson says:

    How do I make a membership payment?

  9. Veronica says:

    Hello there! my name is Veronica and I will love to learn needle felting. Do any of the members do that? I’d like to visit the club.

    • valeriakleiman says:

      Hi Veronica:
      I will ask the members. We did a workshop in needle felting and Im sure there are members who enjoy that craft. If you want to come to one of our monthly meetings, we’re a welcoming group. We meet monthly, and our next meeting is on Jan 14 (an additional meeting from our regular program). If you want I can add your email to the mailing list so you get the info .

  10. Nancy Gillespie says:

    My mom was a basket weaver
    was wondering if anyone in the guild would like the reed.
    I am Barbara Weisman’s neighbor.

    thanks so much
    Nancy Gillespie
    19107 NW 151 Ave
    352 318 0137

  11. Lane Pritchard says:

    I have a table top loom that I borrowed from Katherine at Sante Fe years ago. Leaving town soon, where can I take it??

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