Study Groups

Special Interest Study Groups

As space can be limited and arrangements sometimes change, it’s important to check with the contact person for a group if you would like to participate.  We love to see new faces and fresh ideas.

Beginning Weaving 

Beginning Weaving is a twice-monthly group focused on helping new weavers learn more about the craft.  Any kind of looms are up for discussion, from rigid heddle to table and floor looms, and even simple frame looms that can be made at home.  More experienced members attend to help with advice and suggestions.  Meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.  Contact the Grayson Osborne for details


Weavers tend to be a rather tactile and self reliant group, and so handspinning often exerts its pull on us at some point or another. Ann Pierson hosts this meeting group the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:30 pm. Please email Ann Pierson for meeting time and directions.

Inkle Weaving

Inkle means ribbon or tape.  These narrow woven bands have so many uses and pattern possibilities.  Join us and show off your weaving prowess, build your skills and enjoy the camaraderie.  We meet in ZOOM on Fridays at  2:00 pm.  If you’re interested in inkle weaving, please join us. Contact Beth Mitchell for the zoom link and further information.

Tapestry Weaving

Tapestry weaving is perhaps one of the most potentially mobile and inexpensive ways to begin weaving. Along with personal projects, this group sometimes works collaboratively to create pieces to exhibit in the larger weaving community on state and national levels.  Anyone who would like to meet with the tapestry group can email Joann Wilson.  She will let you know when and where any meetings are taking place as these are not happening on a regular basis

Mentor Program

A number of our members are available to mentor others on a one-to-one basis. Please email Ann Pierson or announce your desire at a meeting and we’ll find someone to help.

Is there a group missing that you think should be here?  Attend a meeting and offer to host one.

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We accept Donations!!!

If you wish to donate weaving or spinning items, books or supplies to the guild itself, please contact Sidsel Moreb, thank you!

3 Responses to Study Groups

  1. Mia Day says:

    Im interested in learning to weave. Most likely after the holidays. I have a loom and some yarns. Do you offer help, tutor and or group that I can attend? Prefer in person at Downtown library.

    • valeriakleiman says:

      Hi Mia: There is a group for new weavers that is meeting every other Sunday. You can contact directly Grayson ( They can give you detail info about times and location.
      In addition, there are always members of the guild willing to help new weavers (that is how I started). If you want to come to one of our monthly meetings, we’re a welcoming group. We meet monthly, and our next meeting is on Jan 14 (an additional meeting from our regular program). If you want I can add your email to the mailing list so you get the info .

      • Mia Day says:

        Thanks for the timely response. Yes, I would like to be put on the email list. Also if there are any meetings at the Downtown library/headquarters in relation to weaving I would greatly appreciate it.

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