February Meeting: An Inkling on Weaving Historical Pattern

Program: An Inkling on Weaving Historical Patterns by the Inkle Loom Weavers of the Lake City Historical Society

Wednesday, February 29 7:30
Unitarian Universalist Church
4225 NW 34th Street
Gainesville, FL

” . . . rather expect this to be more of a brief background and basic info introduction followed by more of an exchange and interaction as the time progresses. . . . We are friends as a result of our involvement at the Lake City-Columbia County Historical Museum where we are all docents as well as on the Board of Directors. As part of our activities at the Museum, we formed a living history group that focuses on the 1800’s. Attending reenactments and living history events and needing an activity that women of the era would have done……..we researched handicrafts. Spinning, drop spindle, knitting, tatting, embroidery – many choices of period activities. Finger weaving was appropriate for our Native American events, but we needed something that would be easier for folks to do……..bag and inkle loom were the answer!”

About Erin

Erin Curry lives and works in Gainesville, FL. Her recent work revolves around handspinning raw chaotic fiber into orderly line and shaping ordered line into tangled or woven mass.
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