The guild is selling some fibergeek goodness

[These items are sold]

We’re looking for happy homes for two pieces of beautiful fiber equipment. Sadly, we can’t keep them in the guild’s rental stores, but happily we’re raising money for next year’s programs while gaining space in our storage shed.

These two items are for sale, and for pick up in Gainesville, Florida. Please contact either Sidsel at or Ria at

1. Leclerc Nilus –  4 shafts – Jack type loom – weaving width 45″ Parts that have been replaced: Apron, treadle hooks, cord loops. Various parts have been repaired as needed to keep it in good working condition. Good loom for beginners.
Cost $400
Helpful website and files:

Leclerc Nilus loom for sale

2. Ashford spinning wheel and spinning chair Cost $250

Ashford Spinning Wheel

If you are looking for something specific or have something weaving or fiber related to sell or donate, please fill out the form below. We will keep posts for no more than 3 months unless requested otherwise. Keep in mind we’re located in Gainesville, FL!

This is as good time as any to remind you all the guild offers rental on fiber equipment to members. Check out the rental list here: Member Resources

About Erin

Erin Curry lives and works in Gainesville, FL. Her recent work revolves around handspinning raw chaotic fiber into orderly line and shaping ordered line into tangled or woven mass.
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