Field Trip: Pioneer Fiber Mill

On June 26th, eight members of the Guild went to New Smyrna Beach, Florida on a field trip to Pioneer Fiber Mill. The owner, Steve, gave us a tour and showed us how he and his crew process alpaca, wool, and more.

Member Myra took photos:

So much fiber to be processed!
Steve shows Jen and Barbara some fiber sorted by grade.
The washing station.
Fiber laid out to air dry.
The fiber has the VM removed, and then gets carded.
The carder produces uniform roving.
The roving goes into the spinning machines…
Steve demonstrating how the machines spin the roving into singles.
Yarns and fiber for sale, all produced in-house.
Steve and the guild crew. Picture by Valeria.

We had a wonderful time. Thanks to Steve for hosting, and Jen for setting this up.

— Grayson

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2 Responses to Field Trip: Pioneer Fiber Mill

  1. Donna zimmerman says:

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures and information. I am looking forward to meeting all of you when I move to Gainesville in a few weeks.

  2. Joy says:

    Thank you all for the text and photos. Hope to visit one day.

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