Rentals are handled by  Gillian Hillis. You can contact her for details.

15” Schacht Table Loom with 12DPI Reed              $10 per month

20” Table Loom with 8 and 15 DPI Reeds              $10 per month

Baby Wolf Loom with 10 and 12 DPI Reeds           $20 per month

Louet Spinning Wheel (single treadle)                    $10 per month

Warping Board                                                             $4 per month

Strip (Rag) Cutter                                                         $2 per month

LeClerc Tapestry Loom                                               $5 per month

Drum Carder                                                                 $2 per month

Wool Cards                                                                    $2 per month

 We accept donations!

If you wish to donate weaving or spinning items, books or supplies to the guild itself, please contact Gillian Hillis

thank you!

Visit our Library page.

Visit our For Sale|Looking For|Donate page.

Visit our Study Groups page.


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